Clogged Toilet Knoxville?

Is your toilet clogged and backed up?

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The most common cause of a backed up toilet is a simple clog. Many times items are flushed down the toilet which can get lodged causing a clog and backing up the water flow. Many times plumber has opened up a clogged toilet only to find a child's toy blocking the pipes. If you cannot clear it with a household plunger, the clog may be too far down the sewer line and require a professional to snake out the line. Give us a call and we can clear that toilet clog.

Toilet reseating

In many cases your toilet may be in fine working order, but it requires reseating. This means the toilet has moved from its original position, and the movement has caused a gap which in turn causes leaking. The toilet will need to be removed, reseated and resealed in place.

Toilet replacement

Sometimes the toilet itself is broken or faulty in some way, then you may need to replace the toilet itself. We can help with any toilet issues you may be having, give us a call.

Rest assured what ever water related problem you are having our plumbing technicians will get you taken care of as quickly as possible. Our family loves what we do and we are great at it, give us a call and become a part of our Dean Plumbing, heating and cooling family.

Our team of professional plumbers in Knoxville are here to help with any and all water related issues you are having. With our same day plumbing services rest assured your leaks, clogs and hot water problems will be repaired as quickly as possible. Don't let water damage your home, call us today!

Best plumbers in Knoxville for your clogged toilets!

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Clogged Drains

We can unclog your drains and get your water draining properly.

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Water Heaters

Nobody wants to take a cold shower, call us today and let us get your hot water flowing again.

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Water Leaks

Water damage can lead to mold issues if not taken care of quickly, let us fix your leaky pipes today.